About me

 I do not believe that the world says no to you. I believe that we say no to the world. 

I believe that my story is one that people do not hear often, but should. My story is a single mom who was born with an unorthodox passion, who still pursues it even though the world says to settle down. The world believes you can dream, but only dream for things inside a box.

But I see that this world is to vast to be held inside a box.

I say NO. I am capable of anything I put my mind to. I believe that as a single mother my number one assignment is to show my son not to give up. It is to be a living example that you can climb any mountain you face. 

This is what the world NEEDS TO HEAR! That broken stories are welcome here. That someone else has been there. As they hear my music, people can connect to it because its REAL LIFE! Not social media personas of how life is supposed to be. It is so much better to show people that they can do whatever they are after. Not stuck. 

I am not afraid of failure because I know if what I try here fails, then Ill try something else over there. The only thing you should fear, is not trying at all. Fear that moment when you decide that a box is more comfortable than The world. 

I may not have all the answers but my passion is real. My talent is not faked with computers. My life looks different. My mind does too. Above all, I know there are people who feel stuck in a small space in this big world. I want ny music to take them from where they are, to where they want to be. 

That is My why. 

If you'd like to partner with me and sponsor my Album and music videos you can by contributing by paypal, gofund me or purchasing my CD! 10% of these proceeds are given to Global Mercy Missions in South Africa for an awesome ministry supporting growth and development of preschool children and their families.

Some people live to be over sixty but die in their twenties. 

I choose to live for every moment, and not just exist in them. 

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