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Look at that sleepy boy!

Starting out we were at weekly hospital visits. I typically was visiting the doctors office with my little man once each week or every other week. WE constantly had to check up on how Caden's heart was doing.

His oxygen levels were normally at a solid 80%. At the time, I had no idea how scary that was because my boy seemed to be perfect in my eyes.

Later on though I would realize how scary that actually was..but THAT is another story!

When you become a parent you realize how LONG waiting to see the doctor takes! So this usually meant photo shoot time for us! I absolutely loved taking pictures of him while we waited and I still do hehe

Instead of sitting around bored I chose to make memories and spend quality time with my man. I'm so thankful for these moments because they leave you so quickly. Remember to cherish and capture even times that are seemingly dull.

Then you will have such cute memories to hold onto and Remember when you wake up and your baby is 6 years older in a second!

Being a mommy, is Amazing! Not only do you gain a best friend, but you will never have a boring moment in your life again <3