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A whole New World.

I remember the day. When I sat on the toilet, looking at a stick crying my eyes out. Asking why this would happen to me? Out of all people in the world me?

I wasn't a bad person.

I just made a mistake.

I felt like I would be ridiculed for being someone who openly loves the Lord and for being voted less likely to be a single parent out of all her peers, yet here I am.

I most definitely was ridiculed. At first.

I most definitely broke my families heart. At first.

I felt alone, at first..

BUT God never left me. He never made me feel unworthy of his love, or laughed at. He never made me feel like I had broken his heart. Instead he filled my broken heart with his love.

My whole world changed in an instant.

At first, things may appear hopeless...

But then again...

How you chose to move forward can change and create an impact in you as well as others.

Thankfully, I chose to change the world for the better ♡

Here's to new beginnings..

Here's to doing Life With Hope..

Here is our story.