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The day it all began.

It's amazing when you can plan to meet your little one. I was scheduled to have my baby since I was a week late. So when I knew that I'd be waking up early to have my baby, my friends and I decided to have a pre-baby party the night before! This included movies, a whole bag of mini snickers, pepperoni pizza and no regrets Haha!

Woke up at 4am, curled my hair, walked into the hospital and has the easiest birth story I could have ever asked for! What a blessed experience!

My code word for baby time was GIRAFFE lol! Yes I am a wierdo. Let's establish that now in chapter one!

The moment I met him, my Caden Mathias Hope, I knew where I belonged.

I instantly knew how to hold him, burp him, love him and did not let him leave my room ever! He and I became inseparable from the start, and have been ever since.

Day one, I learned what unconditional love meant. That moment I knew true happiness and joy.

Day one. Life began a new chapter.