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Sometimes as a mamma, you need to roll up your sleeves and Block the punches thrown your way. You dodge and you duck not only for yourself but for your babe. You are now fighting for the one you love the most. Many of us struggle with different types of parenting. My battle was little man's health. Weekly doctor appointments, scheduled by me. Many trips to Kansas City Children's Hospital scheduled again by me. Constant checks on his oxygen levels by counting each breath per minuet, day or night.

Some moments might seem dim, might seem like it's not as exciting, easy, calm and put together as you expected. No matter how hard you planned. It's your outlook in those moments that will be what pivots you as a parent. Will you always find a bright side when you're surrounded in bad news?

If you don't see that within yourself, please just try it. The more light you shine in the dark spots of your parenthood, the easier it is to see your way to a solution.

And if there's one thing I've learned...

There is always a solution!

Deep breath, gloves on, Go win your battles!