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I am a Christian. Grew up loving and Knowing Jesus Christ as my savior. So to have become a single mom was considered A HUGE shock to the world who knew me. Does not mean I am or was a bad person for getting pregnant. It means that we all make mistakes. Each and every one of us.

What I found to be shocking was that this world was a double edged sword.

So many people do things in the dark that you would never know about.

But sometimes our choices and the repercussions from them are not easily hidden.

At first, I was a shamed by a lot of people for getting pregnant and becoming a single mom. Which was silly because the same people who were shaming me for choosing life are also against abortion..

So here is where I saw this double standard. Especially in the beginning.

But Finding JOY in the midst of that is clearly shown in the pictures above. Making light hearted fun about sleeping with a boy while unwed! Gasp!

Of course...everyone knew the boy I was talking about this time hehe

He's the cutie up in the right <3

But maybe we should learn and make these double standards shown to everyone. Instead of soaking and sulking and telling everyone that they are being unfair I chose to find joy. And expressing that joy, that light, the positivity and the HOPE gave everyone around me a new perspective on others in my situation.

When you find joy, it is contagious! And will spread to everyone you work with, meet with and run into while you are out!

You will run into so many double standards in life, but instead of throwing a fit and being negative about your situation make this situation your own. OWN IT! Because when you own your situation, nobody else can!