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Learning to be Flexible!

I do miss that little baby, rolling around in his little crib! Note that he is NOT sleeping!


He never ever did! haha He for some reason could not find any comfort in his crib! However I did try and put forth the effort! Parents, I love cuddling with my main man! But I will say that it was a 3 week of endless nights breaking that.

I didn't worry about fully breaking him from coming into my room as a toddler until just recently. When he turned 4 I started the alarm clock routine for him to stay in bed all night.

I'm a pretty cool chick. That being said I am usually single haha!! But Not crazy by any means, just motivated and focused on what my goals are, and having time to parent. However the past year I've been opening my mind up to maybe meeting someone and then realized that in order to move forward when I eventually DO get married, Caden had to learn how to have a little more space during night time or when I go on dates. Its a difficult transition for sure but worth it in the end.

After Caden's surgery he became more attached than he was before to me. As well as I am and always will be to him. This step was harder on me than him for sure. But, winging him from feeling that he needs my room to feel comfort has given me more freedom to have self time. Even if that means just sleeping without feet and hands in my face lol

I still do slumber parties and nap parties with my cuddle monster! But especially if you're a single parent, you'll know when the right time to wing your baby from being right beside you all night. Whether its earlier than I was ready, or later!

Be blessed my friends and feel no pressure of when you have to start winging your baby from wanting to be by you at night. Every family is different and you know whats best for your individual needs. I don't promote co-sleeping but I did do that. But I'm a very still sleeper, and set up guards on my bed to keep him safe. Next time though I will add an attachment to the side of my bed made for babies who like to co-sleep but in a safer way ;)

Every parent is different. Every child's needs vary. But our goals are the same. To grow happily ever after as a family <3