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Growing up is not only for your family relationship but the relationships with your friends as well.

I remember the first moment Caden played with his hanging toy on the carseat. I was driving home and heard him continually pulling the string down to make the elephant toy shake and make noise! I was so so excited!!

I also was learning how to balance having a sitter to let me get out and do some activities with friends! The one you see here is just bowling but it was so fun! I love taking Caden everywhere I go! However it was a nice night to relax and enjoy and be INDEPENDENT with my friends. Where I can get back to being a little care free and focus on making memories!

PLEASE don't think I am encouraging you to leave your child and party haha nononono! I am encouraging you to grow still as an individual and cherish who you are. I am also encouraging you to grow as a parent! Time is fleeting and passes too quickly. Not only will your little one start growing up and changing, but your social life will grow and change too. Find your Balance, and cherish your time with your little ones. God Bless!!