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Hospital for Days!

That moment when you're the most popular girl in school! Haha well, that's what YOU think!

Now people like you because you have an adorably cute child, of which you can take full credit for Haha

We were in the hospital for 4 days. Within these four days we had many visitors, the wonderful gift of the movie Finding Nemo, and 1960's batman videos playing.

It was the LIFE!

Day 3: last quick check up before going home, or so I thought.

They heard heart murmurs.

We stayed an extra day and discovered Caden had four major holes in his little heart, with possibilities of downs syndrom.

My heart sank.

Not for fear of downs syndrom, but to be surprised that he would have a heart condition. This began a long road with many pathways, but a road of support and love. Many appointments to make, and Hospitals to visit.

When I look back at my young little self with a young little baby, I see how much we were able to accomplish together and not become overwhelmed.

We tried to test Caden for downs however they couldn't find his veins and I couldn't care less what the answer was, I just wanted his pain to end. So we left and never thought about it again.

The only thought I had from here on was..I love this baby. He will be healthy. We will go home.

And that is what we did.

2. We will overcome his heart condition

3. We will go home.

And that is exactly what we did ♡