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It's amazing!


Do not forget your friends! Do not lose touch with your best friends, because your best friends are necessary for your sanity. Example A: This girl in the pic! She has been my best friend forEVER! Even when I was pregnant and she wasn't. When I had a little dude and she didn't. Doesn't mean it was easy. It was a joint effort to make sure we made time for our friendship because mommy'n ain't easy my friends! It takes time.

Our lives were seeming to be a little different and hard to fit for a minuet there. She was still able to go out having young adult fun, I was staying home loving on my baby. Doesn't mean we had to stop being friends, it meant we needed to make more of an effort for each other ;)

We decided that we would get together once every other week at a coffee shop and relax and catch up together and this has been our tradition ever since. I'm so thankful for this one right here. True friends are so hard to find, but if you decide to let them go you won't be able to escape and have time that is much needed for YOURSELF. In order to be the best parent you can be, you can't let yourself go in the process. You'll become unhappy, feel gross and blame it on parenting. NO! It is your choice to keep maintaining your friendships even when life is hectic. It is your friendships that will keep your head above water when you feel like you're sinking.

Love your friends, love your baby and love yourself.

All of these things will bring you joy, so don't let go!