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Learning to love You for YOU!

You're a single mom.

Seems like you're on your own. Nobody cares.

Nobody is here to help you. Support you, hold your hand, comfort your pains. Nobody cares to stick around and in some cases not even the dad cared to stick around.

You have two options. LADIES LISTEN UP. Two choices. 1. LOVE YOURSELF CONFIDENTLY

2. Jump in one fast relationship to another all the while blasting social media about how you're unloved and alone as a single mom. I've seen both of these scenarios play out. I chose number one.

I chose to love my child above seeking out to relationships for love. I chose to set goals for myself. To achieve them, even when things got tough. I chose to stay POSITIVE. Because negativity only brings more darkness into a bad situation.

I chose to accept GOOD people into my life. I chose to accept Good people to speak wisdom into my life.

I chose to seek out people who have what I strive to achieve.

And I have achieved that and more. Did I need a relationship? Nope. I needed to love myself and my family above all else. I needed to set the goals high. For my little man didn't deserve to feel constantly abandoned from relationships that fail, but constantly loved from the solid rock that never fails. His mom. His provider. His anchor. Be that anchor for your baby. When you set your standards for your family and for YOURSELF, then and only then will the doors open for someone who Meets those standards to walk into your life. Maybe when you set your goals high, you'll see that not everyone is a disappointment. Do you. LOVE you. You've got this!

Love you.

Have hope. You can do this!