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Mile Stones!

Holding his own bottle!!! Moms! When your hands are FREEEEEEEEE from constantly holding bottles or your baby you are now freeeee to PARTYYYYY!

And when I say party I mean more like, do the dishes, start the laundry, clean the room, make dinner and use the bathroom.

However, you will still feel a little more independent than you have been the past few months :)

Having your baby in your arms all day every day is amazing! And something you will always cherish! But Having the ability to choose to get things done or help the babe eat is awesome too! Embrace your independence and do not feel bad or guilty for wanting it. It is not a bad thing at all to seek the ability to have yourself and your body back again. A happier you makes for a Happier Mommy. Take time to relax and enjoy this next milestone your baby encounters. At the same time cherishing the moments that right now feel hard, one day it will be missed.

Smile and keep your head up my friends! You are doing amazing!