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Moving on up!

Growing up! I lived on my own prior to getting unexpectedly pregnant and stayed that way until my due date July 16th. Little man decided he needed extra time to grow and wasn't born until a scheduled date at July 23rd. I was on my own and moved in with my amazing parents until 3 months later when I finally had an apartment to move into!

Who helped me move?

Why my BESTEST FRAN EVER!!! As previously mentioned, reasons to keep your best friends is because parenting isn't something you have to suddenly forget about your life as well. Instead you combine your parenthood life to your friend life and it is simply amazing! This day was exciting! I had just the essentials. A bed..A tv...clothing....and a rocking chair. That being said I wasn't afraid to start from nowhere. The best part from starting with nothing is

gaining everything.

Don't take moments like starting with nothing in a negative light. It is a brand new slate to start from much like the journey of motherhood.

I didn't expect having to walk this out alone until I was 8 months pregnant and dumped. I didn't expect to have so many decisions ahead of me. But I also didn't decide to quit and neither should you. Surrounding yourselves around amazing friends, family and people who support you will help everything you need fall into place. I am more than thankful for my choice of family and friends who also loved Jesus and had the qualities of compassion, wisdom and knowledge to continue teaching me and supporting me!

Good people in your life create Good outcomes for your choices!

Stay blessed my friends! And get ready to gain everything you don't yet have :)