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The day puke no longer bothers you.

Well...maybe that won't apply to everyone. I CAN NOT handle seeing other people get sick...but there is one person in this universe I will do anything for.


I wipe that kids snot with my fingers! Without thinking TWICE?!

I have caught his puke in my hands...to keep it from spilling on the floor lol and it didn't even bother me!

I have totally stepped on his poop once..that bothered me...lol!

What I'm saying is..poop blow outs, projectile puke, snotty noses...they are now something you are somehow totally okay with! Not for everyone, but the only one <3

It is crazy to realize what unconditional love is...In sickness and in health. In projectile puke and in poop balls somehow on the floor. In snot and in cough. We just somehow can see through those moments to make sure that your little one is doing good.

And THAT. That is where parenting reshapes your eyes, and the way you understand love.

Be blessed my friends!