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In life you will face so many transitions. From changes in Jobs, changes in school, changes in parenting style, changes in location. This picture in particular was a change in where I lived.

It wasn't a quick 'move in a day' type scenario for me yet.

At this point I was able to start serving again at Red Lobster. Traveling back and forth a 45 min, 2 hour a day commute was hard on me. That was over 8 hours of time spent just driving a week!! So I was excited to be accepted into an apartment in the Town I worked in.

Shown in the previous blog, my best fraaaand helped me move my things into town where I then waited another few days staying at a friends house. She is known as Mamma Ross. To Caden Now, she is known as Grandma Ross. She has been a second mom to me. Someone who my mamma is so thankful for, since she lives so far away. Its a nice peace of mind knowing that no matter what we have a solid rock to call on when we need help. She is one of the best people I know! Such a Light to many people!

Sometimes waiting for the next open door is difficult. I know I tend to be impatient! However take heart in how you can be provided by so many people who want to see you succeed. That being said, be sure you don't take them for granted! Don't abuse the friendship.

Instead leave your doors open to love on your friends as much as they love on you! And take each blessing with a thankful heart!

Because as cheesy as it sounds, Having a thankful heart will bring a positive future no matter what transition is knocking at your door.