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Trying to Adult like...

Ahhh man! It's amazing to see the change in me in a few short moments.


I was a good person

haha still am!

That being said I was an awful roomie, forgetful of responsibilities such as trash, and dishes. They were just things I never ever thought of!

I was so flighty and whimsical! That means I was also a little unreliable. More so being forgetful of previous plans and living in the moments and doing whatever was presented to me.

I thought I was an amazing friend but looking back I see how much better I have become after being a mommy.

Trash is done, dishes too! If I've committed a plan with you, I will see it through! You are in my mind before myself! I have learned THE VALUE of having true friendships and true friendships are a two way street. Responsibility, being reliable and thinking of each other first ♡

I'm so thankful for my eyes being opened from young Crystal to 5 years later, and that is all thanks to my Amazing little boy ♡

Go do life! Enjoy your moments with friends but most of all, value each moment! Cherish each second and grow, doing life, together!