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What's your favorite movie?!

You may think that your favorite movie is Fast and Furious 3, or A Knights Tale.

But the moment you find that one movie that captivates your babies attention? THAT movie is now your FAVORITE MOVIE EVER! For us it was Finding Nemo. Caden Loved the colors, the shapes, the movements and the music. I was able to do my hair easily each morning by putting him in the swing with this movie on. Luckily it is a way cute movie too! I have the whole thing memorized!

When I was younger My favorite movie was The Little Mermaid. So it's nice to know that dreams of a different world near beaches run in the family hehe

My biggest advice is to find something that captivates your childs imagination and calms them down. Whether you choose to use a movie or something else. That way you can still have self time to get ready with your amazing little newborn!

Happy Movie Searching my friends!

If you'd like to help out other moms and dads on their search, what was your babies favorite movie? Leave a comment below!