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Snuggle Buddy!

Snuggles are DA BEEESSSTTTT!!!

Little fingers, little toes, little eyes and little nose. Wanting me to snuggle him every moment of every day. We had and still do have tons of fluffy blankets and pillows!

Don't take these moments lightly. For they pass us by so quickly! They Grow up so fast, and soon those every moment snuggles changes to every now and then snuggles which then change to, Only if you're lucky!

My little guy now decides to sit on me and play on my back, stomach, head and legs while I lay down on the couch for a split second to rest!

Rest is so essential for you! I know we run from here to there, to that job to the second job. To this event and to that one. But Remember, to take time to REST! BOTH of you need that! Without downtime, or a day set aside you will get frustrated at each so much easier. Your baby is just so tired, and reacting the way they are expected to when going non stop. And so are you! You have less patience to handle the every day situations as you normally can. You feel the weight of the things you balance much more when you have not refuled.

SNUGGLE. CRASH. BE LAZY. RELAX. Make that time for you and your family!

Take the nap.

Enjoy your crazy wild life!

You can balance everything perfectly, just take that moment to yourself and your family to keep your tank full!

Be Blessed! Keep hope, and find your rest today!