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Beware...the awkward moments!

OH MY WORD! This day will live on in history as the most awkward moment for a single parent with their opposite sex friend running into them at the store haha!!! So I was in wal-mart grabbing groceries when on the way out I ran into a friend who was kind enough to offer help loading my car. On our way out the door greeter stopped us. She said, "OHhhhh I know who you look like! Yes I do! You look like your DADDY!! YES YOU DO!!"

She didn't stop either lol!!

She just kept going no matter the look of horror we gave each other lol!!!

We both had a conversation telepathically saying, Is it more awkward to accept this mistake and pretend on..or tell her that the dad actually is not involved in my baby's life and this is my friend who I just ran into at the store...

We decided to say..."Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...thank you!"

Me: "<inserts fake laugh> haha Yes yes, he gets told that quite often."

As the door greeter just continues going on I say "Okay...bye . bye now lol!!!"

There will be so many awkward moments in life, especially in the beginning! But don't take offense to someones good intentions. Just laugh it off and remember, you have a really great ice breaker story for any party or event you have with friends or work gatherings in the future! lol!

Embrace the crazy, over assuming world you are now in. Just so you know, everyone tells me He looks like me now hehe *SELF FIVE!*