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Make promises you can KEEP!


Promises with diets, promises with plans and most of all...

The old "My child will NEVER act like that!!!"

Uhhhh reality check? Your child is an individual. They are not controlled little humans who listen to your every word. They are wild little crazies running ramped through Wal-Mart! lol!

Now yes, there are so many incidences where parenting needs to be in place to set boundaries. And if you don't set those boundaries then you will raise crazy humans who feel entitled to things instead of grateful for them.

Don't be that parent!

But also understand that setting those boundaries will take time. Especially if your child is strong willed! Switch up expectations and rules for your Childs individual need. I constantly change my parenting. Now days I give my son his expectations before we get to a location that I know will be seemingly overwhelming for him at his age. But when we talk he is less likely to act out or mis behave from what I expected of him, because he now knows WHAT it is I am expecting.

For parents with two and three year olds?

It's okay.

I thought I had raised a demon child! Instead all of those morals I had installed in him as a child and corrected on a daily basis during the harder years came back to him. He learned how to have independence in a safe way. Just wait until it clicks for them, but hold fast! Have your friends to call for guidance when you feel overwhelmed! Keep up the good work!

Raise your tiny humans with joy and hope! And keep your soul surviving with coffee <3