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New Job Description

When I type in my Resume...

Should I add in Full time mom?

Uhhhh I think I TOTALLY SHOULD! lol!!

For real, this has just come to me as a bright and shining, angles singing Hallelujah Moment!

Now, whether you are a Single mom working three Jobs or more Like me or whether you are a stay at home mamma keeping the whole house maintained while also being a maid/cook/janitor/caregiver/and taxi service..Were all in this together.

I had to stay at home with my little man for three months during his pre and post surgery for his heart.

THAT WAS TOUGH!!! I love interacting with people on a daily basis. Thankfully I was able to get a job in the same preschool I took him to, allowing me to still be near and close to him while earning an income.

But Staying at home as a mom is no vacation. It's such a full time job! I envy you having those extra moments for sure! But I also commend you for everything you do, and not getting much acknowledgment from it.

I say put Being a mommy on your Resume. Because it is by far the most committed job you have ever taken on. The most hours you have ever dedicated to one purpose. The most responsibilities you've been asked to juggle perfectly at the same time. And whether you have a job or not, typically you are sacrificing so much for one purpose. For one reward. And that reward is your baby's future.

I am so proud of you for sacrificing your time whether at a job or staying home most days and sometimes adding in a home daycare to make ends meet.

I commend you for the hard work that goes far beyond what your social media posts really show.

As mommies we should remember to partner together. Lift one another up.

Our job is the hardest most rewarding job There ever was.

And it takes You strong mamma's to create the difference!

Get that cuddle time in and self time in today! Relax. And remember...every job gets s 20 min break hehe So maybe a Kit-kat bar hiding in a different room for a few minuets will do the trick!

Self induldge a little and don't feel guilty! You are working so hard, and you deserve a second to breathe again.

Parent today with Hope, Joy, and peace!