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Time Management

When Becoming a parent you will soonnnnnn realize the importance of...



Suddenly getting somewhere ten minuets early no matter what, turns into getting somewhere ten minuets late...if you're Lucky!!!

Suddenly tasks as simple as just cooking dinner for yourself, and making the bottle for the baby, feeding the dogs and managing the house chores becomes Maybe eating a Granola bar, The bottles need washed and screw the Laundry! lol

But Don't Fret my friends. It is all part of gaining a new routine! A good one too! You will Soon become a pro and have a pattern of keeping order. What can stay in the car, and what needs to go upstairs the three flights every time? Having a car diaper bag and a home diaper bag? Days to start the dishes?

Whatever works for your family you will soon figure out!

Don't create the feeling of anxiety or being behind when the floors are a little messy, or the baby isn't asleep yet, food isn't cooked.

Messy floors means that a baby has been loved on all day.

The baby will take a longer nap later for you, and just maybe WITH you!

And there is always take out.

Go tackle this crazy new world of yours, and go get it with confidence!

You are doing AWESOME!

Now seriously? Just order pizza <3