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But first, Lemme take a Selfie!

You are a mom.

And you are also a PERSON!

What I'm trying to say is, It's okay to take pictures of who you are. Pictures being an amazing parent, and pictures of you just being amazing! haha

Don't forget who you are inside when going into parenthood.

Truth be told? At least for me, parenthood helped me become so much more selfless. More so than I used to be. So much more content. Responsible. The list goes on! But Those changes are so good for you!

What I'm talking about is not forgetting what makes you happy other than parenthood. What you like to do on your free time, when you aren't so limited. What you enjoy doing. Who you are when you have a day off.

Why is this important?

Because time FLIES when you have your baby. Suddenly they are 7! Then you blink and they'll be 17! Some day you will no longer be parenting 24/7 and your babies will be the ones parenting.

So many people forget who they are when this phase ends because we get so wrapped up into this game here, that game there, this event here, that event there. We forget to spend that time back on ourselves too.

Soon your child will be able to join you on many of your hobbies you are involved in, and this allows you to be able to experience your joys of who you are as a person with your favorite person!

Until then, enjoy the time you take being yourself. Even if it's just a five minuet coffee break. It is worth it.

Be the amazing mommy you are! Your children look up to you and see who you are. You are an inspiration! Stay blessed my mommy friends!