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He reflects my smile.

He reflects my joy.

He reflects my reactions to hardship.

He reflects my reactions to celebration.

Be the reflection for your children to express a positive outlook on their lives. Even at such a small age they notice the details in your face, the emotion in your voice, the love in your arms, the smile on your lips and the tears on your cheek. Be the person you want your child to be.

Live the life you want your child to live.

Be in the relationships you want your child to reflect.

Use the language you want your child to repeat.

Spend time in places you want your child to spend time in when they grow older.

Love them fully, and intently.

Because oh so fast will they grow up. So quickly will they speak back to you using your language. So quickly will they discover dating and reflect who Mommy or Daddy dates. How they react to being bullied at school or seeing others being bullied at school.

Your child is a reflection of YOU. And YOU are the sole factor in creating a difference in this world.

Start today.

Look in the mirror. Look at your photo's. Look at your facebook posts.

Are you who you want your child to be?

If yes keep up the amazing work!

If no then lets start today. Make one change at a time to be that person you need to become. You deserve to be loved the way you see your child needs loved. And you deserve the life you see your child deserves. And you can achieve it!

The first step is realizing your reflection.

The second step is taking action.

But the best part about it, is you have me at your side! And most likely others who love and care for you.

We are rooting for you and your amazing little family!

Be blessed!

Have hope!

And love the reflection you see in your mirror, your baby <3