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The Best Medicine is You!

You are the Best Medicine your baby can take when they feel sick and icky. The Love you give, attention you show, little things you do for comfort goes more than the eye can see.

You also learn and grow do much as a parent too.

Knowing what to do when there's an unrelenting fever. Knowing what to do when they wake up sick.

Knowing how to react when these circumstances happen and whether they need a visit to the doctor or if a cool warm bath will do the trick.

Whatever the case, this little boy felt so so sick that day. Pale as a ghost and mommy was so scared for him. Never hesitate to feel like you're over reacting and do what your instincts say. For most of the time, your gut is right.

All I know is that even on these harder days, Caden felt the most relieved from his pain when mommy held him close. And I always always will.

I love that little boy with everything That I am.

In sickness, and in health.

He has my full heart forever.

Do life with hope even on tough days like these. Reach out for your support and remember, you are not alone! And niether is your sweet one.

Stay blessed!