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Growing family <3

And the two grew to three.


It was such a big choice to add a new member to our family but one I love and 6 years later still do!

Caden has grown up with the cutest little Pomeranian you ever did see!

Making the choice to have a dog as well as being a single parent was a big one but we adopted an already well trained adult girl making life much easier for us. She's always adored Caden and loved us with all her heart <3

Here is our first family picture together! We were all so young and not sure what was ahead of us three, but we knew we would be in this together!

Make sure you take your family photos!

Don't let moments pass you by without capturing them. Remembering who you were and how you have grown.

Before you do grow your tiny family with furry animals make sure you are willing to commit to those fur babies for life! Not as a comfort for moments, but to be their best friend forever. Our baby is getting old and tired. But she loves us with all her heart as well as we do her.

If you have not mastered your art at balancing parenting and jobs just yet, then take a moment before adding more onto your already full plate. Because it is worth it to wait until you and your baby are ready to add a new brother or sister into your lives!