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Being a parent means making sacrifices of fun, for responsibilities. Sometimes when you are solely on your own financially with the house, or in that case back then the apartment rent, electric, phone, car, insurance, food, diapers, clothing...you have to make hard choices. In this case that hard choice was to give up a holiday to spend with my baby, in order to work and support him.

But what is more important in this moment?

Risking losing a job that supports my child, his home, food, safety for a day? Or accepting my responsibilities, and celebrating another day?

There will be times you have to make hard choices. But sometimes..having to move a holiday to celebrate on another day is just fine. Because whats important is choosing supporting your family above all else.

Holidays are just days. So don't be sad when you have to move them. Because it's no the date on the calendar that matters, its the memories you'll make spending time with your loved ones.

Have a blessed day my friends! And Stay positive even when you make sacrifices. What matters most isn't a date, its your baby. And especially when they are younger, they won't know the difference!

By the way, isn't he just so cute!!