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And just like that...

And just like that.

My little baby had turned into my little toddler.

Here are the things I've learned along the road.

1)Parenthood is UNPREDICTABLE. And a choice.

This year I put forth every effort I could to taking Caden to see his father, at times two hours away and back. Did I receive any support from him financially, not very often. But this year I wanted to show that I was willing to make an effort, and let this be a smooth transition. Whether that was reciprocated or not, is their choice. But my choice was to say Im willing. And if you're not, I'm still going to thrive as a mother.

2) Time will fly away!

I used to think, 'UGHHHH a year is SOOOO FAR AWAYYYYYY'

But man, its like the second you have a child, it doesn't stop moving! So take every moment you to cherish the memories.

3) It will be okay