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Talk about hands on learning!

Sometimes our learning experiences are not the best. We choose the worst routes that we thought would be a shortcut. We disregard what our instincts tell us to do and go with our heart's mind instead. We think deodorant looks good, and then take a bite apparently for Caden haha!

But the best part about each experience wether it is a mild easy learning curve or one that lead us down a harder path than we thought..if we choose to learn from it, then it isn't for nothing.

If your life isn't where you expected it to be at this point, then take this as an opprotunity to make it a learning curve. Taking the things that didn't help you and putting them back on the shelf. Stop buying those products. Stop choosing those friends. Instead pick up something new at the store. Something you have not tried yet. Maybe putting yourself outside of the box and into a new routine will be the change you needed.

No matter your choices. No matter your walk in life.

It is not for nothing.

Take these steps, and make them into milestones for your life. These milestones will help you jump from the path you were on, to the path you deserve.

Be blessed. Keep hope. And find your path stones.