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Two peas in a pod

Here we are. Two rock stars hitting up the park like we own the place!

I have always loved dressing my baby in style! Especially when they are young! So much easier to have freedom and CHEAPER clothes hehe

Caden's style has changed so much showing his personality he has now that he is older, but man did he rock those cute hats and man sandals lol!

This age was one of my favorites. His baby cuteness all over his face still, yet he is running around and developing his personal sense of humor.

The month was September and in two short months this little boy would be facing many trials. One of which was his heart, another was to check on his manhood to make sure things would be okay ha!!! Every week we would have a check up at the doctor, something that was relatively normal for me as a new parent. I didn't know any different. Nor did he.

I had to keep myself together. Which seemed easy on the outside, but on the inside? I was a mess! So much coming so soon for this little girl to handle on her own. So many things I couldn't change.

But what could I change?

You guessed it. My hair! haha!

The one thing that did stay strong, through the mess and chaos we were embarking on? My relationship with my baby boy. My rock <3