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First Ambulance Ride

This was the first day we had ever been inside an ambulance.

During this time I worked inside a preschool where I also took my son to school. This was so helpful because as we grew closer to surgery, it was good to have me there for any concerns coworkers had.

To further explain Caden's heart problem, He had four holes inside his heart. His heart the size of an acorn, the largest hole the size of a quarter. So each time his heart tried pulsing oxygen through the body, it had to double pump to get what only one should send out making his body work twice as hard. Cadens doctor had her children attending my class, and she would stop and check Cadens vitals in the morning out of concern. His skin was growing more pale, and if he turned blue we wouldn't have much time to get him to a hospital.

This day coworkers thought that his skin turned blue, they quickly rushed him to me and we rushed him to the hospital. Thankfully Caden regained oxygen quickly.

This was the beginning of growing concerned, being careful and taking notes of the little details he needed.