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I get by, with a little help. from my friends.

Not every day will be easy peasy lemon squeezey.

Actually, most days will be chaos, wild, unpredictable,

Frustrating, overwhelming, full of balancing everything on a wire..over a cliff. haha

But seriously though. the bad overwhelming moments are the moments that remind you what matters most. Good friends. Good family.

The people in your life are what will get you through in one piece. Thinking you can do it all by yourself is prideful. What happens shortly after pride comes? The fall.

When you become to the point of disregarding your

support system because you don't acquire

their help at that time, we soon lose that support

system all together.

Don't allow the easy times to make you forget who helps you during the hard times.

Because parenthood isn't just on your shoulders. When you are in a pinch, the ones you love help keep you floating!