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Television Debut!

"Day 8. First night sleeping in his bed all the way til morning (with a little help from mommy crawling in at 6am). Big Boy? I think YES! Now time to make our guest star appearance on the ole tellievissshionnnn."

So Day 8 of being home bound. If you know me, I'm itching to be outside. I struggle being home all day morning and night so this was a sacrifice for both of us to stay in instead of exploring.

During this time, we opened up a bank account to help fund expenses along with the leave of absence and hospital stays. A friend who was a news anchor let us be a part of a story where we could reach out on the news and ask for help funding our time off for his surgery and it raised so much allowing absolutely no stress on the financial aspect and helping me focus all my energy on being there for my little man <3 Also! First big boy bed time! You'll know when it's time to transition..usually when they can ninja escape out of their crib lol!