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Your Penis. Will be fine.

Wow...Just what the mother of a one year old WANTED to know.

Your child will have no problem having intercourse...

uhh. thanks lol!!!!!

This day we took a visit to Kansas City Children's Hospital to discuss Caden's heart and how we will proceed. While we were there we were also booked to look at his little man hood over a concern that thankfully as discarded soon after lol!

Caden was such a joy to be at the Hospital with. Of course a little scared but full of cuteness hehe

This was the beginning of our surgery road becoming more of a reality. Where Doctor visits were based on when and how, and monitoring where he was at now.

Don't be scare to face parenthood even when on your own. The road might be nearing a cliff, but what you don't see is the plane there to take you across the edge.

Kep hope!