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Giving you away...

The morning came. We checked him into the hospital by 7am. I didn't let him go. We got our wrist bands for all access. I didn't let him go. Little boy was so hungry. He couldn't eat from a certain point in the morning on to prepare for what he wasn't expecting. We were all taken in to another room. A room where we would last see him before being taken into the operation room. We gave him medicine. To help make him drowsy. Baby Caden was so very close to mommy, he knew he didn't want to be let down. He wouldn't easily leave me if we didn't give him medicine. Everyone was asked to leave into the waiting room besides mommy and a person of her choice. I chose my daddy. Daddy stayed with me. Other children were being rolled into surgery by a cute wagon full of blankets and stuffed animals. Caden refused to leave his mommy. So they let us walk with them to the operation hall.

It was there that the doctors said "Okay, here's where you stop."

I handed them my life.

He reluctantly went to them, I could see him reach back for me but he was under medicine that made him too tired to fight or cry. So He left. The doors shut. I began to head back to the waiting room. "Okay dad, Lets go."

I said.

My daddy noticed that his daughter was struggling. Nobody else noticed. They saw a strong mommy, who didn't cry. My dad saw his daughter, fighting to keep hope for her little boy.

"Crystal, come here." He said.

"Dad we have to go."

"Crystal. Come here."

Daddy took me in his arms. And Hugged me. I cried.

This day. Was the day my heart broke. My everything was lost. My future was unsure. Here is where we do life having hope in the most hopeless of situations. The fork in the road where we choose to keep a sound mind, or start questioning why? Where you are no longer in control of the drive. Your hands are taken off the wheel, and your eyes are blindfolded. Here is where we grow stronger.