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Home we Go!

The next few days were full of new firsts for us. New beginnings.

First time eating. That day, I just stayed in puked covered clothing. Every 10 minuets he would get so sick from solids that he would just throw it all up, and more. I had no idea where it all came from, but I saw how much he was struggling. So I held him through it. If you were gonna be puked on, then my darling so will I!

First time standing again. We got one of those little baby seats with sounds and toys. He half smiled for the first time. Began sitting up. Began showing signs of being playful again. My heart swelled with happiness.

First time without tubes.

They pulled his heart tubes out. The tubes that wrapped around his heart? Yea. In a second it was just ripped out quick! OUCH!!!! LIKE SERIOUSLY! MAN! Then the needle on his neck was pulled out. He was too afraid to turn his head to look around because for days he had a needle in his neck. He started feeling so much more free soon after that. He started to feel like Caden.

First time pooping.

That was the last of our recovery process before we were allowed to go home. He hadn't had a bowl movment since surgery...could you imagine?! This picture was the moment he finally had one.




Being home.

Was the best feeling I've ever felt after such a long moment of chaos.

This day. Was one of the best days!