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Moving on Up!

This day! Day 5!

WE WERE FINALLY MOVED UP!! We were finally in the clear. Where we were enduring more therapy for his lungs, eventually having all the tubes pulled out of his heart, off oxygen and learning how to do life again, with our new heart.

That red blanket was brought to us in a care package. And we were able to keep that bear on the left. The tiny one that gave him comfort from all the tubes he had.

This day was the BEST DAY EVER TO US! Though Cadens personality still wasn't quite there, we both felt so relieved. We were moved up that evening. There was more space, more privacy and most of all, a feeling of safety.

When we finally moved up, I remember laying down on the couch. And less than 2 seconds later I was OUT. I hadn't slept in 5 days, other than a couple of hours if I could. And the moment we were both safe, and I knew he would be okay was all I needed to feel comforted enough to close my eyes. Rest.

My mother was so worried, because we had two people come visit Caden that night. She COULN'T WAKE ME UP. And when I finally did, I remember barely keeping my eyes open just enough to see them, and fell asleep again.

Keeping hope during the tough times is hard. But finding comfort through it is easy.

Find your comfort by keeping hope in whatever situation you are in. And above all, remember that you are not alone, no matter how much you feel you are at times.