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The After Math

Back on the the air tubes. We could all finally breathe. I never left his side, and when I eventually showered, or went to the bathroom I made sure to have mom or dad with little Caden. As a comfort for the both of us.

This little boy was so tired. All of his energy was wiped.

Now, we were making steps to help this recovery turn itself around.

For the next few days, while we were in the Picu, I didn't sleep...and if I did, it was beside Caden man. I stayed up with the night nurses, and stayed up with the day crew.

4am xrays, 7am rounds, breakfast, visitors, dinner.

The night nurse was my favorite. Her name was Pat. She was so encouraging and a light during the nights.

Soon enough 4am rolled around and we would check on his progress again.

All I knew is, that if we don't move into the higher level floor, we are not in the clear. And until we were in the clear, there is no way I'd find rest. I napped sometimes during the day laying on his bed while my mom was in the room, but mostly stayed up.

And I don't regret a thing.

Something amazing happens when you have a child. When you are willing to give up what you need in hopes to give them what they need.

When you find that selfless love. You gain so much more in return. I am thankful for how this little boy changed my life.