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Merry Christmas

When suddenly selfies have become a challenge lol!

Family pictures can either be stressful or hilarious! Choose for them to be hilarious! Memories taken through photography should be ones that are truly made out of happiness, not yelling and fake smiling.

I love taking pictures with this little guy. We had started so many new journeys in this year. So many life changes for my Caden Man.

My family isn't the normal. But I have never been one for being "normal".

It's okay to be different and celebrate your life in all areas. I firmly believe..that finding yourself as a mommy before inviting others into it with dating is SOOOO IMPORTANT!! Take your holiday moments with each other. Don't be sad that you don't have someone there under the mistletoe with you like you had envisioned. Instead be patient and see who you do have. Your little one will kiss you anywhere, full of slobbery wet laughs and snotty noses. Love yourself, your babe and your life first. Because that is the most attractive thing about you! Your confidence. And your baby, will see that in you!

Goodbye 2011...hello 2012