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Yea, it looks easy to others who are on the outside...but I know. IT IS NOT!

Life can be tough..Stressful...And here is a good example of that.

But when life is tough and you realize that most of what you are saying are negative things...stop and take a moment to reflect on the good. Even the smallest good. Light is more powerful than darkness. It takes so much more for darkness to overthrow all light, but just a small glimmer of light to dispel the dark.

Same goes for our outlook in life. We are only overthrown by the feeling of helplessness when we allow those thoughts to consume our minds. Start trying this today. Speak five things that are GOOD in life even when it seems like theres nothing. Thankful for the air I breathe, for the food I can eat, for those who care for me even if I haven't met them yet. For an able body, for the kindness inside me.

Start making the difference you need, within yourself.

And outshine the darkness that can feel overwhelming in this world. This is how to do Life with Hope.