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This was before I had bedtimes set up and scheduled in. When I just let him play and stay up late with mommy. However I don't really regret that at all.

That time was valuable for us, it gave us quality moments of relaxing together. Though sometimes he stole the tv time hehe I loved just having him cuddle up on me. It is to this day one of my favorite things.

When Caden turned 3-4 I began doing bed times but don't feel rushed! If your baby doesn't have to be up early, or doesn't get effected yet about staying up late, enjoy those silent moments together.

Night time brings such a nice atmosphere for you and your baby. A time to create moments in the stillness, when there are no other distractions keeping your attention away from that moment to bond with your little.

And don't forget to capture those silly moments at night as well :)