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Finding your Strength

Finding your own strength in times of weakness.

This is usually the storyline of most epic super hero movies. Where the Hero suddenly loses everything, forcing them to dig within to find their true strength.

Same goes for motherhood. I didn't expect to be on my own, I didn't expect to be THAT girl, the most unexpected girl to get pregnant out of High-school. To be laughed at and ridiculed.

But I chose to find myself. Dig within and become...don don don DOOONNNN *super hero theme music* SUPER MOM!

Most people don't even remember the moments when I felt lost. They don't remember when I was the talk of the group, but not the inspirational one. Rather did you Hear? Did you know?

Why don't people remember my beginning moments of facing my music? Because I did NOT let those moments define me. Who I am was not defined by what others said. What others whispered. Who I am was defined by what I did about my circumstances.

1) I chose to be INDEPENDENT

-Not relying on a relationship, and living on my own. I was clueless, but I tried. I found myself successful because I chose to work hard, find childcare, and not let people come in and take my food, not spending money on parties with others. That is a KEY!

2) I chose to fall in love with MOTHERHOOD

-I became a morning person. Wake up, Spend time with my baby. Get dressed, and style up my baby. Eat breakfast, feed my baby. Post pictures, because I can't help but take them of my cute family. LOVE motherhood. Embrace it. It brings so much light and love into your life.

3) I kept being ME. I still love music, I still sing, I still hung out with friends, I still loved coffee lol! I was still POSITIVE. LAUGHING. SPENDING TIME WITH FAMILY and above all....I still held my HEAD HIGH even when words are LOW.

Keep your chin up darlings. Because the way you walk, will change the way others talk. That is how you inspire people. Not by making the perfect choices and having the perfect life. It's changed by the way you walk through your weakest moments, and then its how you've become strengthened afterwards.

Stay blessed, stay encouraged and DO LIFE WITH HOPE today!