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Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!!!

This picture was taken in St Louis, at one of my favorite coffee spots. Life gets messy, and full of love as a mommy. And mothers day as a single mom is still special, but you might not get as recognized if you had a relationship or husband.

Not on purpose, but because nobody else is there to plan that day but you and your baby. No dinner reservations or gifts. You'll get honored with a small gift when your out and about at times, but this has never bothered me. Because everyday I am loved just the same. Every day I am blessed to have this turkey in my arms. He doesn't need to buy me anything, or plan anything. He is my baby. He is my everything. He is my gift.

So if this is your boat during your day, Happy mothers day to you! You are amazing, full of life, full of hope, love and joy. You smile, and your baby does too. You are such a gift! So from me to you? Happy mothers day! Go have a small date with your little one. Show off your gift to the world, because as we know..we all have the cutest kids on the planet!