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When that independence strikes! It is a blessing and a curse!

The moments they first started mimicking your habits. Putting laundry away, using cup holders and WALKING ON THEIR OWN!!


We get so excited for their first walk, we try and rush it...but then they wanna walk everywhere! Let me rephrase real quick. They want to....


So that makes trips to the zoo a little different lol.

I love these umbrella strollers, what a life saver. Basically it's like a modern baby leash..without others realizing it. Dude, you is in baby jail. Chill out. Act like you love me. And. Look at the animals.


They are just so excited about this new found freedom they've found. Don't let it get ya down and frustrated. Because It soon passes and they learn how to be safe with their freedom. Make sure you take time to capture the moments in the meantime, because I promise you..you'll smile years later.

Stay blessed, stay wild and stay free!