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Training a Prince

Remember, as you walk through life with your little one you are teaching them how to walk when they grow up.

How you speak to others, and especially them influences the way they'll speak. Showing compassion makes them compassionate. Standing up for others makes them brave.

This is also especially true in relationships.

Though that is farther down the road, they are influenced from the very beginning. When I was younger my daddy adopted me and my siblings. My biological father gave his rights up, and it was the most unselfish thing he could have ever done for me. I'm so thankful. I was influenced from the beginning. Though I don't remember him, It's because my mother shielded my eyes from seeing the pain, seeing the dating, seeing father figures in my life until she met her now husband, my forever daddy.

I have only ever known true love and compassion. That is all Caden has ever known too. I won't date man after man. I won't stay the night with Caden on the couch at another persons house. Caden will never see a man in my bed until it is the man I will marry. He will not see man after man leave him. Though dating is tough, I won't jump into relationships for my sake and Cadens. My hope is that my next relationship I chose to announce publicly will be my last.

Caden has asked about why our family is different, and so will yours. About the age of three they'll see other families and notice there is a person missing. I remember our conversation perfectly. Caden asked, why don't we have a daddy?

Me- 'Well sometimes mommy's aren't ready to be mommy's, and daddies aren't ready to be daddies. But! Jesus is our daddy now, he takes care of us always, loves us always. We have papa, he takes care of us always, loves us always. (after naming a few more man figures we have uncles etc), One day, mommy will get married and then you'll have a daddy. But! For now, we get to have slumber parties and quality time just meee and you. And isn't that just the best?!'

Caden- 'Wow, yea! I love it being me and you!'

No issues. No abandonment feeling. Just complete and total love. Don't teach your baby that being left is normal. Don't teach them that Guys will come and go. Don't teach them that it's okay to be abandoned by multiple people. That it's okay that mommy is yelling and fighting with a boy, and crying when he leaves.

Teach your baby that mommy is happy being mommy and them. Date yes, but don't allow your adult moments to be handled publicly in your children's eyes.

Your baby comes first.

Then you.

And loving yourself comes first.

Then dating.