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Travel Buds

Travel buddy of mine! Taking pictures everywhere we Go!

I miss my little blondie. Trying to wear mommy's bags, play with mommy's shoes. But the best part about growing up together is remaining just the best of friends ever! I've never been so lucky. He is an exact replication of me. With love for adventure, and love for the quiet moments as well.

You and your baby will have an unbreakable connection. But just like everything in this world, your bond with only grow stronger if you put your maximum effort into it.

Water your relationship by spending time with your baby. Dressing them, bathing them, cuddling them.

Give your relationship light by laughing with them, loving them, dancing with them, traveling with them.

Life doesn't stop when becoming a parent, it edifies. Do life WITH your baby. Go out, go explore, hang with friends, make playdates, have little date nights. Don't be afraid to use your imagination and be silly.

There is no other relationship quite like a mother and her childs. Embrace it, and help it grow. It's a life time of love you'll gain by treating your baby with the most maximum effort possible.