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Wild and Free


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I love this picture of us! Were actually planning to go back and have another fun day in St. Louis with my girls soon.

In motherhood you quickly realize that the world you once existed in changes. Your outlook is what will make it good, or bad. You don't lose your free spirit, you don't lose your friends though sometimes in the moment you feel like that.

Instead you gain a new spirit. Just as wild. Just as free. Your baby wants to run and get wet in the water? Without a second thought you run in with him. Your plans become spontaneous. Your moments become wild. Your perspective becomes free and your idea of life? Is finally broadened into so much more than what it ever could have been before.

Your friends grow stronger. Some will fade yes, but they aren't gone. And in the meantime you meet those who just lift you up as a parent. Teach you so much, bring you joy.

Don't be scared to lose freedom.

Be excited to learn what true freedom means!

Go out and be spontaneous today!