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Enjoy your summers!

Post baby bodies are different for everyone and is a constant change. But whatever stage your post baby body is in, don't fear enjoying yourself to the fullest extent! Get yourself in that pool, hang out with your friends. Don't judge yourself so harshly. I'll say my body has been through many ups and downs. Over the past two years I have put a lot more effort into my health which is something that I should have done in the first place. I feel so happy! My body knows its healthy! Right after having Caden I didn't have to worry about my weight much. In fact, it sort of balanced my awkward curves out right. But a few years down the road I gained some weight. Nothing bad, but definitely nothing healthy. However I wasn't scared to be myself in every stage and love who I am. I just decided that I needed to begin my focus on myself again since I had lost a little of my motivation.

Enjoy your summers! And Enjoy your body no matter the stretch marks or scars you've gained. You are a tiger, and you have earned those stripes :)