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Heads Up!!!

Don't be afraid to try new adventures. I'm not much for baseball watching on the tv, but it is such a different experience to go at the game instead. And Caden LOVED IT!

The Mascots! The noise! The hotdogs! There is so much action, and I wasn't sure what Caden would think.

Turns out he thought it was awesome hehe

So lesson here? Try new things. Sometimes it will fail, sometimes it will exceed expectations. But it will always make for a perfect photo opportunity with your little!

So many parents think that they can't bring their little one with them to events, but in actuality you really can! If you bring your child with you to things that interest you from the beginning, they'll quickly grow interested in them as well. They'll learn what different adventures require from them to enjoy it together.

Do your life together, and have a little fun with it as well. You don't have to stay cooped up at the house. And you don't have to always stay at a park. Take your child out to things you enjoy as well. After all, thats the beauty of your relationship. Enjoying things together for the both of you.

Play ball! And plan your adventures :)