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Tips for Beginning swimmers!

So as Caden grew into his love for the water I had to do some major discoveries about what floatie is the safest. This one pictured is THE BEST!!! No matter what way Caden falls or jumps into the deep, his head is above water and he pops back up on his belly. Life vests are EXPENSIVE! I should know, since I purchased about 5 of them before finding the best one. So many life vests end up getting the childs face stuck into the water. There was even one whole body suit one that I remember trying. It was HILARIOUS!!! His face was like..'uh, what the heck mom?!'

It cracked me up. But we quickly discarded that as an option. So to save you the trouble, I use this one, even to this day. No worries. It is the BEST one to use. So now that you know, I have saved you over $150 of investments in different life vests. lol

You're welcome. :)